More Than Just a Game

KPC Cultural Day 2021 After a break last year, the Kanaka Proud Cup (KPC) is back for 2021 and events have already commenced in Rockhampton.  From its beginnings during Mackay ASSI 150 commemoration events, KPC has always been a fun footy comp but at its heart is a mission to create a way for ASSI... Continue Reading →

ASSI History Month Community Voices – Joella Warkill

This week we chat with talented wordsmith and performer Joella Warkill for the ASSI History Month Community Voices series. Joella took the time to answer a few questions about her creative practice and the importance of history, community and family in providing inspiration for her work. Standing in front my piece ‘Cook My Hungi Like... Continue Reading →

Australian South Sea Islander History Month

In August 2019, we started the first "Australian South Sea Islander History Month" (#ASSIhistorymonth) sharing posts on our ASSI Stories Facebook page including stories, archival images, articles and historical documents that uncover a dark part of Australian history - the era of blackbirding. In August 25 years ago, the Australian government officially recognised Australian South Sea Islanders as... Continue Reading →

Watch ASSI Stories Films Online

The entire ASSI Stories series of short films is available to watch online for free! Find stories exploring Australian South Sea Islander identity, heritage and culture by first-time writer/directors Jessika Bezgovsek, Danita Merrypor, Jacintha Bezgovsek, Kerry Warkill, John Corowa, Joanne Warkill & Alison Edwards. Aunty Valda's Story by Jessika Bezgovsek This animated documentary brings to... Continue Reading →

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