ASSI Stories: A multimedia project for Australian South Sea Islanders
to explore identity, heritage & story.


The Australian South Sea Islander Stories  (ASSI Stories) project is about storytelling, education and awareness.

In 2014, ASSI community members were invited to attend storytelling and media workshops in Brisbane, to learn how to turn their story into a video or photo story. At the end of the project, the videos produced by project participants were presented in a public screening event at The Edge, Qld State Library in Brisbane.

A Facebook page (www.facebook.com/assistories) and website documented the process of workshops, discussions and filming in various Queensland towns with seven participants.

ASSI Stories_John Corowa
Participants Jessika Bezgovsek, John Corowa and Jacintha Bezgovsek recording music for film.

This website showcase the works created and acts as a platform share Australian South Sea Islander Stories online.

Australian South Sea Islanders Secretariat Inc. (Brisbane) was the principle project partner in collaboration with Creative Producer and Filmmaker Amie Batalibasi.

The ASSI Stories project is funded by the Australian Council for the Arts.


• Give voice to Australian South Sea Islander Stories;
• Provide ASSI community members with
opportunities to learn media production skills;
• Create online educational resources through the stories produced & the project website;
• Share ASSI Stories with the broader community;
• Connect ASSI people and communities through the Facebook Page, and project website.

Project LINKS:
• ASSIS Inc: www.assis.org.au
• ASSIS YouTube – ASSI Video Stories: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDgXFCQfo2qUUQDEBvyBMtQ
• Creative Producer: www.amiebatalibasi.com

Contact ASSI Stories Creative Producer:
Email: assistories@gmail.com

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